Emergency plumbing & Heating

When you book an engineer appointment we’ll ask you if:

You or anyone in your home has been diagnosed with Covid-19
You or anyone in your home has been advised to self-isolate
Anyone in your home is at higher risk – i.e. over 70, diabetic etc
If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we’ll work with you to assess your need for an engineer visit before deciding what to do next. We’ll prioritise emergencies and we may need to postpone non-urgent visits, like annual services, to a later date.

Our engineer will also call you on the day of your appointment and ask the same set of questions, in case anything has changed since you booked.

When an engineer does visit a customer’s home, they’ll take additional precautions – including hand-washing – before, during and after the appointment. They’ll protect you and your family members by keeping a safe distance at all times – and we ask you to do the same.

Please note, we reserve the right to prioritise and cancel jobs with minimal notice.

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